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Rich in Hawaiian history, this hand-carved, bronze statue with a solid marble base honors the father of shaka.

Hamana Kalili of Laie (1882-1958) originated the unique hand sign called the shaka, with the thumb and little finger extended, and the other three fingers curled into the palm. The shaka sign can mean hello, ''howzit'' (how are you?). Okay? Okay. Good? Good. Hang loose, and more.

Let this little wave of hand spread lots of Aloha (love) in your home or office.

Specifications: Height: 22"
Color: Bronze
UPC: 400000023129

Hamana Kalili of Laie (1882-1958) - a large, powerfully built Hawaiian - originated the unique hand-sign now called the Shaka, with the thumb and little finger extended, and the other three fingers curled into palm.

Kalili's family, some still living in Laie, say the skilled waterman lost the first three fingers of his right right hand in a nearby sugar mill accident. Reassigned to the sugar cane railroad, he used the gesture to signal when the train was ready to roll. Local keiki, who would sometime hook rides (and munch sugar cane), copied Kalili's distinctive wave. The Mormon Church choir he conducted also became familiar with it.

The gesture gradually began to spread around the world as thousands of visitors watched Haman acting as King Kamehameha, wave in the Historic Laie Hukilau event. The Shaka has gone global in the years since spread by surfers, millions of visitors and residents of Hawaii... including government leaders.

Locally, the Shaka can mean hello, "howzi" (how are you?), okay, good, hang loose, and much more. Meet Hamana Kalili: descendant of Hawaiian chiefs, a famous fisherman, a beloved community leader, and "father" of the Shaka.


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