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Hawaiian Jewelry

The Hawaii Jewelry offers a wide variety of necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and charms to add a bit of tropical flair. Our Hawaii Jewelry is made from gold, silver, pearl, koa wood and other Polynesian materials that capture the essence of the island. We offer a variety of island styles to bring Oahu right into your outfit. Whether you are looking for a special gift for someone or just a souvenir for yourself, we have the perfect piece of island jewelry for you. Whether you are looking for something Plumerian, Puka or Pineapple-related, we have dozens of jewelry designs available that show your love of island culture. 

Hawaiian jewelry makes up some of the world's most beautiful and unique pieces. Whether you want an ornate statement piece or a luau-inspired takeaway piece, there is something for everyone at The Hawaii Store. And what's more, our Hawaiian jewelry is made with only the finest materials that help bring to mind all elements of the Hawaiian islands. As a result, this island jewelry will be a cherished tropical heirloom for many years to come. 

Why not commemorate your memorable trip or a loved one's getaway with a meaningful piece of island-inspired jewelry? Polynesian jewelry is always sure to please. So add a touch of Polynesia to your everyday look. We have a wide selection of Hawaiian and Samoan jewelry that make the perfect piece of memorabilia to represent your trip to paradise. Our Hawaiian and Island-inspired jewelry is sure to please and brings the memories rushing right back to you. Mahalo!

Ariki Gold Paua Laurel Leaf Earrings
$37.00 $37.00
Ariki Hei Matau Jade Fish Hook Pendant
Ariki Hei Tiki Jade Pendant
Ariki Jade Cat's Eyes Stud Earrings
Ariki Jade Dew Drop Pendant
Ariki Jade Droplet Gold Pendant
Ariki Jade Fish Hook Pendant
Ariki Jade Hei Matau Fish Hook Pendant
Ariki Jade Hug Gold Pendant
Ariki Jade Koru Pendant
Ariki Jade Large Teardrop Gold Pendant
Ariki Jade Ornate Oval Earrings
Ariki Jade Ovoid Earrings
Ariki Jade Round Stud Earrings
Ariki Jade Scalloped Oval Pendant
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