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Del Sol Color-Changing Flower Necklace - pink to white
Necklace Pewter Paua Honu
14K Gold Plumeria Pendant Large
14K Gold Tri-color Orchid Pendant
14k Gold Plumeria Pendant with Stone
Bone Wrapped Hook Necklace
14K Gold Plumeria Puka Bead
14K Gold Slipper Pendant with Stones
14K Gold Plumeria Pendant Medium with Stone
Necklace Rubber Cord Pewter Petite Turtle
Hawaiian Heirloom 14K Gold Pendant 10MM
14K Gold Maile Scroll Plumeria Pendant
14K Gold Pineapple Pendant
Ariki Paua Tulip Pendant
14k Gold Hawaiian Fish Hook with Stones
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