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14K Gold Black Pearl Dangle Earrings with Stones
14K Gold Flowers of Hawaii Clip Earrings
14K Gold Petro Honu Dangled Earrings
14K Gold Petro Honu Earrings
14K Gold Plumeria Earrings Large
14K Gold Plumeria Earrings Medium with Stone
14K Gold Plumeria Full Hoop Earrings
14K Gold Ukulele Drop Earrings
4K Gold Small Hibiscus Earrings
Ariki Jade Ornate Oval Earrings
Ariki Jade Ovoid Earrings
Ariki Jade Round Stud Earrings
Ariki Paua Antique Round Earrings
Ariki Paua Crescent Moon Gold Earrings
Ariki Paua Crocus Earrings
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